Introduction to Reactive Physio, Sheffield

15 November 2017

Firstly allow me to introduce myself; my name is Sarah, and I am a physiotherapist and the founder of Reactive Physio. With the launch of the new website, I thought it would be a good opportunity to introduce myself, and provide some insight into my vision for Reactive Physio.

Physio Sheffield – Sarah Crisp

In the summer of 2017, I relocated back to Sheffield from London. Whilst in London, I spent a year working within the NHS where I was left feeling completely despondent as the result of relentless cutbacks, and so made the difficult decision to move into the private sector.  I was fortunate enough to obtain a job within an excellent clinic on world-renowned Harley Street, and it was here that I rediscovered a true passion for my profession. I could deliver ‘proper physiotherapy’ at last.

There were three key differences between the care that I was able to provide on Harley Street and the care that I was able to deliver in the NHS. These differences had enormous repercussions for patient outcomes and subsequently my own satisfaction as a physiotherapist. Please note that the Harley Street address was not one of them!

Firstly; time. Getting to know each of my patients is one of my favourite things about my job. Being able to see people regularly, and having longer appointment times enabled me to really get to know my patients well and build an effective therapeutic relationship.

The second was the speed at which I was able to see people following injury. A general rule is that the longer you have been carrying a painful injury, the harder it is to shift due to the way that the body processes pain and the physical compensations that occur to accommodate the injury. If you can access appropriate medical advice soon after an injury, you stand a much higher chance of making a quicker, more thorough recovery.

The final factor was being able to see patients beyond the resolution of their symptoms. In the NHS, generally once symptoms have resolved, patients are discharged due to long waiting lists. In private practice, rehabilitation can continue beyond this point to reduce the chances of symptoms returning in the future.

Reactive Physio – The Vision

I have launched Reactive Physio with the vision of providing the level of care that I provided on Harley Street, to the people of Sheffield and North Derbyshire, in the comfort their own homes. I want to provide an honest, responsive, evidence-based service, with the emphasis being on what you can do, not what you can’t do.

As a person, my default is positivity, and I enjoy using this outlook to inspire my patients to achieve their full potential.

Why ‘Reactive Physio’?

Simple. Each patient I encounter is an individual. I may see ten people with the same diagnosis, yet each person is completely unique. They’re unique in terms of their goals, lifestyle, health, budget, what motivates them, and so on. This requires me to be reactive to the needs of every single patient to maximise their chances of achieving successful outcomes. The road to recovery isn’t always smooth, the human body doesn’t always respond as we expect and ‘life’ has a tendency of getting in the way. It is therefore imperative that your rehabilitation is responsive to this and can accommodate the odd blip in your recovery. Recipes for rehabilitation don’t work. If they did, my job would be much more straight forwards!

So if you, or anyone you know is presently being held back by a musculoskeletal injury, get in touch now and let me help you to reactivate your lifestyle.


Sarah Crisp – BSc (HONS) MSc

Reactive Physio founder and Principle Physiotherapist.

"As someone who is passionate about living life to the full, I take great pleasure in rehabilitating all of my patients back to the things that they need to, and importantly, love to do."

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